Inability to Focus​

Many teens silently struggle with crippling anxiety and a suffocating fear of failure as they navigate new responsibilities and life on their own

Lack of Proactivity​

As parents, we want teens to take control of their future. But, without empowering them to plan for what they want, they may always second guess themselves.




College Freshman

At Volition Academy, we know that many teens don’t feel prepared to succeed in college or manage life on their own. We also know that parents want to empower their teens to take ownership of their life and develop the key skills to build the productive, successful, and exciting life they deserve. The problem is that parents are told to focus so much on one area of success (a.k.a. academics) that other key areas go underdeveloped or never addressed at all. We believe that when teens are taught how to master their academics, social relationships, financial wellness, health,and their mindset only then can they be positioned to thrive in college and beyond. Which is why we’ve created the unique 6-month Heroes Coaching & Mentoring Program to give teens the foundational support and plan they need right now to walk confidently into college and into their career without regrets, second guessing, or making costly mistakes.

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